08 Zone Burglar Alarm

Product Overview

08 Zone Burglar Alarm Panel with in-built Auto Dailer

Product Features

  • Available in 3 modals
  • 02 Zone night and 06 zone day mode
  • 06 day zone NO or NC programmable with key pad
  • Operates on 220V AC, 50 Hz AC supply
  • 16*2 line dot matrix LCD
  • Battery backup with inbuilt charger
  • Operates on both tone and pulse
  • User password protection
  • Speech dialer with 20 telephone nos. and 01 message
  • 30 sec. duration time of message
  • Real Time Clock with 128 event history
  • LCD display current date and time with current status of all zone
  • Automatic and manual operation facility for security zone
  • LCD and LED indication for open and alarm for security zone
  • Programmable exit/entry delay (01-03 min) in night zone
  • Entered telephone nos. and message check facility
  • Hooter time 0 to 7 min
  • All programming and enter telephone nos. through keypad
  • Zone isolation facility with zone voltage cutoff
  • Enough inside space for SMF battery
  • Zone naming facility for security zone
  • Programmable hooter trigger delay (0-07 min)
  • Operates on both DOT and EPABX
  • Telephone nos. editing facility
  • Programmable redial option (01-03 times)
  • Mains on, system on, charger on, charger on visual indications

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