Optical Smoke Detector

Standalone Smoke Detector

LPG & Natural Gas Leakage Detector

06 Zone Fire Alarm Panel

12 Zone Fire Alarm Panel

Manual Call Point in ABS Housing

Manual Call Point in MS Housing

Hooter in ABS Housing

Hooter in MS Housing

Hooter with Flasher

Response Indicator

2 zone & 4 Zone Fire alarm panel

Industrial Siren 0.5 Km

Industrial Siren 1 Km

Industrial Siren 2 Km

Industrial Siren 3 Km

Emergency Light

Industrial Siren 3 Phase Heavy Duty 5 km

02 & 04 Zone Gas Suppression Panels

Manual Abort Unit

02 Zone Panel with Auto Dialer

Public Addressable System

04 Zone Burglar Alarm Panel

08 Zone Burglar Alarm

UV Flame Detector

Industrial Siren 3 Phase Heavy Duty 3 Km

06 Zone Intruder Alarm Panels

ABC Dry Powder

Mechanical Foam (AFFF)

Dry Chemical Powder

Carbon Di-Oxide

Ceiling Mounted (Modular)

Hose Reel Pipe

Pendent Type Sprinkler

Sidewall Type Sprinkler

Upright Type Sprinkler

Two Way Fire Brigade Connection

Flexible Drops for Sprinklers

First Aid Hose Reel

Fire Hose Pipe / RRL Hose Pipe

Hose Box Single Door

Three Way Fire Brigade Connection

Four Way Fire Brigade Connection

Fire Hose Delivery Coupling

Short Branch Pipe with Nozzle

Hydrant Adapter

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