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Apartment Fireplace Safety Tips

Apartment Fire place Safety Tips
If you have renovated an old historic house into a lavish apartment and yet kept the fireplace as it is.  Then you should read this guide till the end.  Having a fireplace in an apartment is a good idea as it keeps the room heated, but on the other hand, it’s kind of risky as the fire may get out of control, and it may end up damaging properties and losing lives. Therefore, we are with a small yet helpful guide, including apartment fireplace safety tips. Try not to skip it as it might be helpful for you someday. Do read it till the end. 

Inspect the Fireplace and Chimney 

Sometimes it may happen that the fireplace hasn’t been used for a long time or has been sealed off and is there just for show. Hence, check if the fireplace is working or not.  If it’s working, make sure the chimney is not sealed off or unclean as it may end up causing a fire. We recommend you get the chimney cleaned at least once a year and use fire control panel , as the buildup can be fatal. 

Check fire Alarms Frequently

Having fire alarms in a house with a fireplace is a must. Similarly, if you have fire and smoke alarms in your house, try checking them even before lighting a fire in the fireplace. The reason behind it is to make sure they are working properly. If not, you should change them as soon as possible and avoid making fire. 

Install Fire Extinguishers 

Having only Fire alarm system is not sufficient for preventing and controlling a house fire; you will need a fire extinguisher for that.  Always remember to install a fire extinguisher near the fireplace in case the fire starts to go out of hand. Also, make sure you know that a fire extinguisher works, and it’s working. 

Install Fireplace Screens 

In most cases, house fires occur because of the small flying sparks coming out of the fireplace. Hence, you should get a fireplace mesh to keep the flying sparks away. This is the best way to keep yourself safe. 

Keep Flammable Material Away

A fireplace is meant for burning wood only. You cannot burn trash there. If by chance you do so, the fire might get out of hand, and the toxic fumes of the trash can be fatal too. Moreover, many people add some fuels to start a fire easily, but it’s wrong as it might cause fires. 

Never keep it Unattended

A fireplace is not something that you can unattended. Even a minute is sufficient for fire to cause havoc. Therefore, make sure you are there the whole time until the fire stops. Or at least stop the fire if you are in a hurry. 

Clean the Fireplace 

The fireplace should be cleaned thoroughly after each fire. The ashes and embers should not be left there as they have the potential to cause a fire. Make sure you throw them away using a metal bucket or at least sprinkle water on them before leaving the room. 


Having a fireplace in an apartment might be a dream for many people, but it’s very risky, and one needs to take a lot of precautions. Hence, if you are ready to do all these, you can use a fireplace with no problem.  However, if you don’t, it’s fatal. Here we have tried our best to explain the apartment fireplace safety tips to you in an easy way, so remember them. Many people lose their lives annually due to fire accidents.

Therefore, install Palex 4 zone fire alarm system and try to take preventive measures before it goes out of hand. And thanks for reading through. Cheers!

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