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What Should I do if the Building's Fire Alarm is Making Noise?

What Should I do if the Building's Fire Alarm is Making Noise
Installing a building fire alarm is a must if you want to be on the safer side. These fire alarms will help detect any smoke around it and make noise, thus alerting you. However, it is not any smoke or fire all the time. If the building's Fire alarm system has any problem, the fire alarm makes noise and starts ringing anytime, which may cause panic amongst the people. 

At some point, you cannot tolerate the noise anymore. There are a lot of articles explaining why this happens. However, very few describe what should be done in such circumstances. 

Hence, here we are with an answer to the most asked question: what should I do if the building's fire alarm is making noise?' where we have provided some of the solutions, you can try to make your fire alarm accurate. 

Reasons your Building's Fire Alarm is Making Noise 

There are plenty of reasons this might be happening. However, the most common ones are included here, so you can figure it out yourself without reading the guide further. 
  • Dirty Sensing Chamber

The most common reason the fire alarm starts making noise is its dirty sensing chamber. The dirt can be interpreted as smoke by the room. Thus the noise. If you have hired no fire protection company, you should clean it on your own or call them as it's included in maintenance. 
  • Interrupted Power Source

    If you experience a lot of power shortages, this might be the reason. Your generator might be slow, and the fire detection system might be running out of power. Thus, it beeps. 
  • Environmental Factors

    As fire alarms are made in conditions where they can beep at high temperatures, they will start making noise frequently if the temperature in your region is high. 
  • Low Battery Level

    If this is the reason, you need to hire a fire protection company. The fire alarm starts making noise if the batteries are loose or changed. 
  • Lifespan

    Each electrical appliance comes with a life span, and so does a fire alarm. Therefore, if the fire alarm ends, it will beep to alert you. 

What should I do if the Fire Alarm Keeps Ringing?

Now that you have figured out the exact reason your building's fire alarm is making noise, here is what you should do. 
  • Clean the Sensor

    This is the foremost thing you should do before replacing anything. Clean the fire alarm and its sensor. The debris might be at fault for the fire alarm's noise. We would recommend you hire a fire protection company as they provide maintenance, replacement, and much more. 
  • Change the Batteries

    If you haven't looked at your fire alarm for a while, you should probably check it. The battery slot might be open, or the batteries might be dead. You should reset the fire alarm and check if the batteries are dead. If they are, replace them. 
  • Check its Power Connection

    Check for the cables connected to the fire alarm. They might be broken, or the connection might be loose. That's why the fire alarm might be facing power shortages. 
  • Replace the Fire Alarm

    If nothing of the above works, it's time to replace it. As fire alarms are not a lifetime investment, they come with a lifespan of around 8-10 years. Hence, if you haven't changed it for a long time, you need a new one. 


A fire alarm is not something you can install once and never look back. It requires maintenance and cleaning. Having these Palex 4 zone fire alarm systems installed will surely keep you safe. Hence, you should install them and get them checked frequently. Also, if you can't take time out of your busy schedule, you can hire fire protection services so they can maintain all these fire protection gadgets. 
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