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What are Fire Alarm Initiating Devices?

What are Fire Alarm Initiating Devices
Fire alarm systems help to protect many lives, hospitals, schools, hotels, kitchens, and businesses from the possibility of fire. It is quite simple to take them for granted and thus oversimplify them, fire alarm systems can be very complex networks as multiple components are interconnected. The most visible part of this complex system is fire alarm initiating devices. 

Fire Alarm Initiating

Fire alarm initiating devices detects the indication of potential fire and activates an alarm when the fire has just burst out. They are recognized as fire trigger systems. Initiating devices are connected to the control panel (Palex 20 Zone Fire Alarm Panel). When any device experiences some unusual activity then it gets activated and the control panel identifies the affected area. Then the control panel calls for an alarm to warn everyone and send a call for emergency response.

Fire Alarm Initiating Devices

They are categorized into two different Types: Automatic and Manual.  Automatic Devices are initiating automatically without any external help. If any unusual change occurs then these devices become active. Some Automatic devices are:

  • Palex Smoke Detectors
    Smoke detector is designed to provide open area protection and to be used with the most conventional fire alarm panel.
  • Heat Detectors: Heat Detector is a fire alarm device designed to respond when the convected thermal energy of a fire increases the temperature of a heat-sensitive element. 
  • Fire Sprinkler Water flow: They are the best fire suppression system. They can easily extinguish small fires and prevent the spread of fire. Installing water sprinklers is the next level of security of lives and property. In hospitals, Water sprinklers are the best way to avoid fire incidents.
Among automatic devices, there are spot-type devices and linear-type devices. Spot devices are devices that only work for a particular area whereas linear types detectors cover a wide area of space and communicate to a single unit. A smoke detector is the example of Spot-type and a heat detection wire is the example of linear type.

Manual devices
are used manually by a person when an emergency occurs. The main element of these devices is the fire button. That can be pressed when a person sees any fire or emergency. Other devices that may help are fire extinguishers. A fire extinguisher is the best way to stop the fire from spreading and it may even help to control the fire. Different types of fire extinguishers are being used according to different causes of fire.

So these devices got active when the fire burst out and sent the signal to the control panel. This advanced security system has become a crucial part of any life to live a safe and secure life.
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