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Do Not Keep Your Fire Escape Plans a Secret

Do Not Keep Your Fire Escape Plans a Secret
Fire outbreaks are not new; even if a building has top-notch fire preventive measures, there is some loss of property and even lives. More than the property, lives are important, and the people themselves can make their way out before a fire outbreak with the right training. 

Each commercial building must have Fire Safety Equipment and fire escape plans that can help people keep themselves safe. However, it is not good to post it somewhere where no one can read it or even see it. Everyone working there should know about the fire escape plans and hence it should not be kept a secret. 

In this article, we have highlighted some places where you can post the fire escape plans so a maximum number of people can read them. Now let’s get started. 


Daily, a lot of people use elevators, and it becomes a habit. However, during fire outbreaks, it's not a good idea to use elevators as they might stop within some time, leaving the people strangled inside.  Therefore, the fire escape plans should be posted near elevators to prevent people from using them and guiding them towards the exit.  

Break Rooms 

There will be no worker who has never visited the break room once at any workplace. Therefore, the breaks rooms or even the washrooms are the best places to post-fire escape plans.  Most people take a break, nap, have lunch there, and will have a lot of time to read those fire escape plans and most probably remember them. Hence, it's better to post the fire escape plan there. 

Working Place

The working place is the best to post the fire escape plans, as the people in any office will be there most of the time. However, not everyone has time to read those plans if in case any fire detection system detects fire outbreak, every worker can at least read those and can make their way out to a safer location. 

Near the Main Entrance 

As most of the visitors come through the main entrance of any building, the fire escape plans must be posted there. People waiting for someone have a lot of time and will read those instructions and at least know what should be done during fires. 

Where the Exit is Not Seen 

In any office setting, there are some points where the exit cannot be seen, and if there is no direction given, people may get panicked. To avoid this, there should be fire escape plans posted over there with the direction towards the exit so people can easily evacuate the building. 


Like a Fire alarm system, fire escape plans are crucial for keeping people out of danger in a building. Hence, every building should have one. And if they have one, the plan should be posted on every prime location so everyone can read and remember them easily. Hence, do not keep your fire escape plans a secret so everyone can be safe. Lastly, we hope you have found the information you were searching for, and it was useful for you. 
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