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Fire Prevention and Preparedness on College Campuses 

Fire Prevention and Preparedness on College Campuses 

Fire misfortune is a national misfortune. There are several fires in dormitories, sororities, fraternities, and off-campus housing that lead to the loss of many lives and property. With diverse activities that happen on a college campus from classes to community events, from living to the gathering, and more, many aspects of fire and life safety need to be addressed.

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Here are some aspects that every campus should address to safeguard lives and property.

  • Fire Alarms: Fire alarms are the most important and essential part of a full fire protection system. Whether you continue with maintenance or installing new fire alarm systems like the 16 zone Fire Alarm Panel, without it you can never think about fire safety.

  • Fire Alarm Monitoring: Correct timing is everything in case of any emergency. A good fire alarm monitoring system can give a fast response during an emergency so that precautionary steps can be adopted to minimize the damage.

  • Emergency Exit Lighting: During an emergency, emergency exit lighting helps in safeguarding people to escape from the building. 

  • Fire Extinguishers: Installing and maintaining fire extinguishers is not enough, train the employees and students on how to use them so that they can use them in case of any emergency. Install from a reputed fire extinguisher manufacturer

  • Fire Sprinklers: Fire sprinklers are the best fire suppression system. They restrict the fire to spread and can easily control small fires. Different types of sprinklers can be used particular places.

  • Kitchen fire suppression: Following safety codes and installing proper fire prevention and suppression systems in cafeterias, Mess, and other commercial kitchens on the campus help to protect fire incidents.

  • Special Hazard system: Some places on campus require additional safety and security like a server room, science labs, library, museum or quality artifacts, academics section, and others. These places require more water sprinklers, fire extinguishers, and fire alarms and they should be maintained properly. So to protect these assets of the campus, special hazard systems need to be installed.

  • Design and practice evacuation plans: Evacuation practices can help save lives although it may seem unnecessary to busy staff and students at first. The action plan that is required to have:

    • A method for reporting fires.
    • An evacuation policy and procedure.
    • Routes assignments and Escape procedures, such as floor plans, workplace maps.
    • Names, titles, departments, and telephone numbers of individuals both within and outside your campus to contact for additional information or explanation of duties and responsibilities under the emergency plan.
    • Procedures for employees who remain to extinguish fires or perform other essential services.
    • Rescue and medical duties must be assigned to special workers.
    • Creating fire drills will properly prepare staff and students for any emergency

It is a big responsibility of the campus to safeguard the staff and students so a well-designed and maintained fire safety system is the only key.     
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