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fire preventions

Fire Preventions


Fire is a deadly weapon. It can destroy lives and property. So we have to adapt some prevention to avoid such a disaster.

Fire Precautions

  1. Smoking is injuries to health, all know but few still go for it. So try to smoke in an open area. Smoke ashes at home may become a cause of the fire. Don’t drink and smoke simultaneously. Drinking alcohol can increase the chance of unconsciousness that can result in the form of fire.
  2. Always turn off the portable space heater when not in use. As they carry a high current which may lead to a fire.
  3. Always make sure that the gas stove is turn off after use. And don’t allows children to play in the kitchen. Never leave the cooking unattended.
  4. Take precautions while using candles and lighter. Make them stand straight and away from cotton stuff.
  5. Adopt some precautions while dealing with any flammable liquids
  6. Always check electrical appliances from time to time. Also, maintain wires to avoid the accident.

Be Prepared If a Fire Occurs

  1. Install a Palex smoke detector, fire alarm system, and different types of sprinklers at every possible place so they can help in controlling the fire.
  2. Always keep your employees aware to adopt some specific steps to tackle such incidents.
  3. Always make an escape route plan.
  4. There should be an emergency exit, especially for such cases.
  5. Try to install fire extinguishers from the best fire extinguisher dealer at every possible space and keep your employees trained about how to use them. using a fire extinguisher is not an easy task in such a panic situation. Try to identify the cause of the fire so that an appropriate extinguisher can be used.
  6. Always switch off the power supply if a fire breaks out. As the fire can create great damage through current-carrying electrical wires.
  7. Try to escape from the place quietly. Don't panic.
  8. If you are out from building then rather then to make a video or just been a viewer one has to make space for the ambulance and fire brigade. This pays your social responsibility.
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