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Why do Fire Extinguishers Need to be Serviced?

Why do Fire Extinguishers Need to be Serviced

It is indeed a challenging task job to maintain a fire extinguisher. This needs to be done as a legal requirement as they play an essential role in putting out fires. So, they must be in a proper working state when needed. It is also mandatory for business owners to equip fire safety devices in their buildings annually. 

Fire extinguisher vessels, if corroded can burst when under pressure. This can cause severe injury and sometimes even death.

The water-based fire extinguisher should be visually inspected monthly and serviced annually. Powder-based extinguishers should also be visually inspected monthly and serviced annually. Both of them have an extended service period of 5 years. Powder-based primary sealed fire extinguishers should be visually inspected monthly and serviced annually. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers should also be visually inspected monthly and serviced annually. They both have extended period service of 10 years. 

Below are a Few Reasons Why the Extinguishers Need to be Serviced Regularly

  • To check the damage on any side of the cylinder. Steel extinguishers can get corroded, which weakens the work capacity of the cylinder.
  • Another thing to check is the hose blockage. The extinguisher cannot function properly if the hose gets clogged.
  • The pressure gauge should be inspected for each working fire extinguisher. The meter indicates its function and should be centered in the green zone. The meter automatically drops after a while.
  • The businesses can renew their BOMBA licenses annually if their fire extinguisher is serviced. Failing to do so might result in the revoking of business licenses by the officials.
  • Certified professionals can inspect thoroughly and realize any damaged or service parts to be repaired. You can call them by booking an appointment online.

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  • Leakage- Leaks can occur, making the fire extinguisher useless. Pressure gauges can be used to check that unseen leakage.
  • Labels- Fire extinguishers suffer wear and tear even when not in use. The labels can fade and be challenging to read. This can create difficulty for the person trying to operate a fire extinguisher.
  • Recharging- Fire extinguishers should be recharged immediately, even if used partially, to ensure that they are ready to be used in the future.

What’s Included in the Primary Visual Inspection?

Location of the extinguisher, visibility of the extinguisher, operating instructions- clean and easy to read, condition of the extinguisher- damaged or missing parts, the pressure of the extinguisher- should be within operating limits and tamper seals.

Extended Service

Most of the fire extinguishers need extended service every five years. The extinguisher should be discharged, checked for internal corrosion, refilled, and repressurized. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers require a comprehensive service every ten years.

How Often Should You Get them Serviced?

Extinguishers should be serviced every month. In addition, annual maintenance should also be done. If you see the fire pressure needle out of the central area, call the fire inspection department as soon as possible. Make sure that the condition of the fire extinguisher is good with adequate pressure. The date of manufacture of fire extinguishers should also be checked from time to time. Some extinguishers need to be refurbished after 5-6 years.


The fire extinguishing equipment should be serviced timely to readily available when needed. Any minor carelessness can prove fatal and termination of the business license. The fire safety department is ready to provide help round the clock. Know what’s best for you.

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