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Fire Risk Analysis and Its Application in Fire Risk Management

Fire Risk Analysis and Its Application in Fire Risk Management


Fire is a manmade disaster that can damage lives and properties within a short duration of time. It has a great threat to mankind. Fire risk analysis is defined as the process of acknowledging the probability of occurrence of fire and consequences or damage if a fire occurs. Its main purpose is to evaluate the level of safety that a particular building requires. Therefore, the analysis is the basic block for fire risk management. Three factors are characterizing in fire risk analysis:
  • Loss of valuable things like life, property, environment, heritage, etc.
  • The scenario that may induce the loss
  • Judgment about the probability of the loss

The first and foremost point while acknowledging any building for fire safety is to know about the shape, size, location, construction, and carried out the process in the building. After collecting all the details, fire risk management prescribed a fire safety model to improve the building safety grading to reduce fire risks and damages. It is essential to get an analysis of any building. Fire can take place at ay place at any time. Prevention is better than cure. So we have to be cautious about the fire. Fire risk analysis helps you to adopt precautionary steps to avoid the risk of fire as well as the steps to adopt when a fire breaks out.

  • Planning an Emergency Escape Route. While designing any building an emergency exit should always be made in such a way that everyone can easily access it.
  • Installing Smoke Detectors helps you to detect the fire. They inform us when the fire in its initial stages that help you to adopt some plans to save the lives of people.
  • Installing Water Sprinklers on the most frequent fireplaces help to extinguish the fire in its initial stage. Especially in hospitals, water sprinklers are much beneficial because it is not possible to go to every patient room for a ward boy to save them.
  • Installing a Fire Extinguisher on the very floor helps you to control the fire. Educating the employees about how to use extinguishers and educate them about the escape plan is also the job of the company.
These are some methods that can help you to fight the fire. Installation points of fire fighting equipment must be advisable by a risk analyzer. By adopting the proper guidance you can avoid the fire to some extent. And even fire breaks out their guidance help you to fight with the fire so that you get minimum losses.  
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