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Fire Safety Awareness

Fire Safety Awareness


A fire has the ability to destroy the lives and property in just minutes. It took birth from small ignorance and may change to wild disaster. So it is quite important to have the awareness that includes what to do, how to do if a fire breaks out. There are some precautions that you can adopt o save the lives of yourself and your belongings.

Escape Plan

While designing any building, fire safety precautions are to always consider. There should always be an escape route in the case of an emergency. Make a valid escape route.

Smoke Alarms

You may also install smoke alarms in your company and homes from the best quality smoke detector manufacturer.  They help in making an alert so that the best step could be taken immediately. It must be installed in all rooms, especially in the kitchen. There regularly maintenance is also essential, so make them test monthly.

Candles and Incense

They are the main source of fire in the home. So while placing any burning candle and incense make sure that it must be stable and no cloth is in contact with it. Never leave them unattended. Always extinguishes them after use. Do not allow children to play with them. You can use a flashlight or battery in place of candles at your home.


Cooking fire is the biggest source of fire injuries. As the kitchen has the most flammable liquid as well as a flammable gas. So it should be handled with care. While cooking, roll up your clothes so that they cannot catch the fire. Never leave the gas on. Keep children and pets away from the cooking area.


Smoking is injuries to health. Some people love to smoke, by risking their and their family’s life. Always smoke in an open atmosphere. Smoking in the home or workplace may lead to a fire.


Electrical short-circuiting is also one the cause of the fire. Always use good quality electrical products so to minimize the chance of short-circuiting. Also, pay attention when you are using an electrical appliance. Adopt precautions while using extension cords.

Heating Safety

Heating equipment involves heaters, wood stoves. They are also a big cause of the fire. All heaters, chimneys must be inspected and maintained annually. Don’t allow any cloth to touch them. These are some fire safety tips so that you and your family can live a safe and secure life.

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