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Guide to Fire Safety in Hotel Building

Guide to Fire Safety in Hotel Building

As per the government rule, hotels must be equipped with fire safety measures, and only then do they get approved. So almost every hotel has fire safety equipment installed there, but the question is, is it maintained regularly?

It is estimated that at least one in every 12 hotels encounters fire accidents every year, which contributes to thousands of fire accidents in both motels and hotels. So apart from installing the fire safety equipment in a hotel, it has to be inspected whether it is working correctly. By doing so, we can ensure customers that they are safe and also prevent fire accidents to a great extent.

So this article comes with a quick guide on hotel fire safety requirements. We have listed some points that you can assure that your hotel is safe and secure to handle fire accidents when performed. 

Consider the Following Points to Make Sure Your Hotel is Safe and Secure in the Case of a Fire

  • Test the Alarms
  • Imagine this scenario, even if the fire detectors have sent alerts, your fire alarms don't turn on. It would be disastrous, right? This is why we recommend you check whether the fire alarm is working as expected. Only when the fire alarms work correctly will the occupants be aware of the fire accidents.  So hotel staff must conduct regular tests of the fire alarm system using the control panel. Most systems can be tested quickly through the control panel by changing it to test mode. You don't need the help of the fire department people; Whereas some systems require manual work where you need to open the alarm lever box with a key and press the button within. Once the testing is done, make sure that you note the fire alarms that ain't working well and repair them.
    • Train Your Staff on How to Act During Emergencies
    This means that you need to communicate your emergency action to your staff to know what exactly they can do. The emergency plan must give proper details on where the exit routes are and the emergency procedures that must be taken at this time. This plan also includes directing the guests towards the nearest exits and helping them exit the building. So overall, this procedure is to ensure that the hotel employees are aware of what to do when there is an emergency situation.  Evacuation route signs must be posted on the door in each hotel room.
    • Placing the Fire Extinguishers Close
    The next thing to check is the distance where you have placed the fire extinguishers. In hotels, multipurpose extinguishers that are rated class A, B, and C that are capable of extinguishing small fires caused by wood, paper, oils, and gases are used. It is recommended to place the fire extinguishers 75 feet apart throughout the building. In the case of guest rooms, though they don't need to place one there, the fire extinguishers must be easily reachable in the hallway.  Note: Check whether the fire extinguishers come with the proper weight or gauge limit. And check and replace them if they don't have the required filling inside them.
    • Declutter Walls and Doorways
    If the hotel has paper wallcoverings in the rooms and hallway, it is a high-risk sign. Even large bulletin boards covered with paper or the reception or business area filled with multiple documents are also high-risk fire areas. Even a small flame can turn down the place in a major fire accident spot. So it is recommended to avoid these types of wall coverings or ensure that optimal fire safety measures are taken.
    • Regular Inspection
    The last and the most crucial thing that ensures hotel fire safety is regular inspection. Check the whole fire safety equipment, including lights, alarms, Agent sprinklers, and extinguishers, once in 6 months or a year. This inspection should be done by a professional, and most probably, you would receive a report from them stating that your fire safety system is in good shape.  We can't compromise on the safety measures of a hotel, especially fire safety. If this is not taken into account, then you might face unhealthy consequences. By carrying the basic steps given in this article, you can identify the potential risks in your hotel environment and fix them quickly. I hope this article was helpful. Thanks for reading through!  
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