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8 Fire safety Tips for Office

8 Fire safety Tips for Office
The protection of the building and employees from fire is very important. Fire can cause great losses both of property and life. Therefore, people involved in the business should be very alert as prevention is the best way to tackle the evil of fire.

There are 8 important steps given below, that can help in preventing fire in commercial places.

    1. Education About Fire-Safety: Employees should be made aware of the fire escapes or exit of the building in case of a fire. They should also be taught about the proper handling of the equipment that poses as potential causes of fire.
    1. No-Smoking Policy: Smoking is a major risk factor in places where inflammable objects are handled. However, even if the workplace does not deal with combustible material, smoking should be prohibited. High fines should be imposed on the defaulters so that everybody adheres to the rule.
    1. Installation of Smoke-Detectors and Alarms: Smoke detectors help in timely detection of fire and alarms alert the people before a major accident happens. These should be installed from a trusted dealer as a faulty detector or alarm can cost a fortune if they don’t function at the right time in case a fire happens.
    1. Installation of Fire-Extinguisher and Automatic Water-Sprinkler System: The commercial place should have high-quality fire-extinguishers as well as an automatic water-sprinkler system installed. This ensures timely action in case a fire strikes the workplace. Also, the employees should be taught how to operate fire-extinguishers and other fire safety equipment.
    1. Proper Disposal of Unnecessary Combustible Material: The workplace should not be cluttered with unnecessary flammable material. The place should be cleaned regularly and the inflammable waste should be properly disposed of away from the building.
    1. Maintenance of Electrical Systems: The electrical systems and appliances should be thoroughly checked and maintained in order to prevent fire. Old and faulty appliances should be immediately replaced as they consume more energy and also pose the risk of fire.
    1. Maintenance of Fire-Alarm and Smoke-Detector: These are the most crucial fire-safety equipment and therefore should never be neglected. These should be checked on a daily basis and old and faulty ones should be replaced quickly.
    1. Staying in contact with the Fire-Department: The workplace should be properly equipped and fire- safety experts should be given a tour of the building. The local fire department should be consulted regarding the betterment of the fire-safety status of the facility. The more aware the fire-department will be about the commercial building, the easier it will be for them to put off the fire before anything big happens.

    Thus, staying vigilant and aware of the workplace as well as the fire-safety techniques will help in preventing fire-related accidents.

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