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Fire Sprinkler System

Fire Sprinkler System
A fire sprinkler system is a great way to ensure the safety and security of a structure and people inside in case of sudden fires. A fire sprinkler is a device that is used to put off fires in buildings. It is designed to work automatically in case of fires by sensing a temperature change or if it detects smoke. It is a series of sprinkler heads that are connected to a pipe container with high-pressure water. 

The sprinkler head or the sprinkler is a part of the entire system that has been designed to put off fires inside a building. Each system is designed as per a building. Every aspect of a sprinkler system is considered very acutely in the design. There are three main components of a fire sprinkler system:

  1. The supply of water
  2. The control valve set, and
  3. The system installation that comprises of the pipes and the sprinklers

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The sprinklers

It consists of a detector, which can either be a smoke detector or a temperature detector that detects rising temperatures. This is one of the most vital components of a sprinkler. These are the main elements that detect a fire inside a building or a room in the building. 

The mouth or the sprinkler head is the second most vital component that acts like a mouth, through which water oozes out in case of fire. This part is so designed that it can withstand a lot of heat and does not melt. The head releases water at a very high speed so that it can overcome the magnitude of the fire. Most of the sprinkler heads available in the market are filled with a glycerin-based liquid. When this liquid comes in contact with heated air or fire or heat, it expands and shatters the glass container and stays in, and activates the sprinkler to sprinkle water at high pressure. 

You also have an alarm system in the sprinkler that alarms the occupants of the place in case of a fire. In bigger spaces or buildings, these alarms are connected with the central fire control room or system to ease quickfire detections and safety measures in cases of emergencies. 

The next big and important component of the entire system is the pipe that opens up and lets water pass to them to the sprinkler heads and overcome the fire.

When a fire breaks out in a sprinkled building, the sprinkler system automatically starts operating. The importance of the sprinkler system is of high importance in any building as it is the best and the fastest way to react in no time. They reduce the risk of casualties due to fire, as these are well equipped to reduce the intensity of heat, fire, flames, and smokes, allowing the trapped inside people with good enough time to evacuate the area. 

A fire sprinkler can represent a small portion of the construction cost of a building but represents the highest levels of comfort and safety to all its occupants, minimizing all risks of significant damages that may have otherwise been caused in case of fire. 
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