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6 Reasons Why Fires in High-Rise Buildings Become Deadly

6 Reasons Why Fires in High-Rise Buildings Become Deadly
The biggest threat to the community is fire. Take birth from a small ignorance and can take lives within a fraction of time. Dealing with a fire is always challenging, but it is more challenging and may become the worst scenario to extinguish the fire in high-rise buildings.
Here, are some factors that make fires in high-rise buildings deadly:

Absence of a Faulty Alarm System

The most common reason that fire in residential, commercial, or institutional places leads to death is the absence of the fire alarm system. One doesn't know about the fire until these systems won't warm them. It is essential to install fire safety equipment so that we get to know about fire when the fire is in its initial stages that help us to take proper fire safety plans and we can save many lives and property. These systems do not only warn you but also help in fighting the fire and extinguishing it.

Inefficient Fire Exits

The fire exit is needed to plan carefully as it would be the only way to rescue the people during a fire breakout. Having efficient escape routes help in saving many lives. Every building member should know about the escape plan. The proper mentioning of the escape route minimizes the panic and people can safely exit the building.

Monitoring the Functioning of Fire Detector Systems

Installing a fire safety system is not enough, one also has to maintain it regularly. All fire alarm systems should be maintained monthly and they must be checked quite frequently and if there is any trouble then you can replace and upgrade the system and can save lives. Choosing a technology solution like Palladium Safety Solution is also the best option.

Old or Obsolete Fire Alarm

This is the most common problem in old buildings. The old building has an old fire alarm system that may fail when the fire breaks out so it is always advisable to upgrade the fire alarm system timely and properly from a reputed fire safety solution company. Palex zone 16 fire alarm system is activated as they have fire detectors, such as smoke, heat, or gas sensors.

Non-Working or Not Installed Fire Sprinkler System

The best fire safety system is the one that not only warns or alarms but also helps you in controlling and extinguishing the fire. For a tall building, it is mandatory to install water sprinklers on every floor so that fire can be controlled till the firefighters arrive at the location.

Unusable Fire Extinguisher

Today, whether the building doesn't have a fire extinguisher or if it is in any building, then people don't know how to use it. So in any society, it must be mandatory that there should be fire safety training so that people can learn how to fight with fire and what to do if the fire breaks out.  Always install a fire extinguisher from a well-known fire extinguisher manufacturer to get the best quality product.
The higher is the building, the greater is the risk of losing more and more lives so fire safety is an essential part while designing any building to live happily and safely.  
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