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Palladium Fire Safety Solutions Blog

High risk places for Fire

The most vulnerable places for a fire to occur are our homes, offices, schools, and other places of shelter and work. Poor-quality electrical wires, faulty electrical outlets, gas stoves with inflammable items nearby, and old appliances that have broken wires are all a few causes of fire. Unclean dryer lint is the main cause of fire in laundry rooms. Floating sawdust, cigarettes, unclean hearth of the fireplaces are a few other causes of the fire that happen more due to neglect.

The storage of combustible material, inflammable liquids, faulty electrical appliances, overloading of power sockets, and other activities of neglect make factories, industries and warehouses are highly susceptible to fire. In many places, waste such as paper, cardboard, and other combustible materials are left on site. If not disposed of properly these can easily catch fire. Even a carelessly discarded cigarette can become the ignition source for these materials and cause a fire. Therefore, storing waste on-site work should always be avoided and proper disposal should be ensured. Chimneys that are left unclean for a long time, ground-heaters, and heated land-mowers are all potential fire hazards.

Dust and powder from plastic, metal, and wood activities can cause explosions if proper ventilation is not made available. Mines and factories are at a high-risk therefore extraction fans should be installed. Flammable liquids and vapors also pose a big threat and should be handled with caution. The vapors become instantly inflamed if they come in contact with a spark and also lead to explosions. Thus to reduce the risk of fire by vapors or liquids, they should be sealed properly.

Suspended ceilings, attics, and electrical boxes inside walls are some difficult places to identify an impending fire accident. Unattended cooking, mishandling of appliances, old wiring, water spilling over electrical equipment, and other errors on the part of people also contribute majorly to these accidents at home as well as the workplace.

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