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Mistakes to Avoid During Fire

Mistakes to Avoid During Fire


Fire can burst out anytime, at any place with even very small mistakes. To tackle such a situation is quite difficult. In this panic situation, people generally take some wrong decisions that are harmful to them as well as their fellow beings.

Here are some mistakes that we have to avoid when fire burst out.

  • When fire bursts out, the first thing everyone does is escaping from the building. For that, we try to open the main door. But if the fire is present in front of the door then it might harm you and your roommates as fire need oxygen flow to withstand, if the door is opened then the fire may enter the room you are standing. So don’t open the door without understanding the source and direction of fire.

  • If the escape route from the door is fine then do make it shut after leave so that fire won’t get access to oxygen present in the room. Leave the door open can create wind to blow that acts as fuel to fire.

  • Before breaking any window glass, just consider whether it acts as an escape route or not. The breaking window allows air to enter the fireplace that may enhance the flow of fire.

  • The major cause of fire in the house is the kitchen. The kitchen contains some flammable liquids. Don’t try to move any cooking pan that has caught the fire.

  • Don’t run if your cloth catches the fire as it may harm other areas. Try to curl yourself in a blanket as it will cut the airflow that extinguishes the fire.

  • Don’t run here or there in the burning room and avoid getting panic. Relax and try to find an escape route.

  • Whenever Fire burst out, don’t use any electrical equipment or device. There is also a chance of electrically short-circuiting. So avoid the use of an elevator or escalator.

  • Have precautions while using fire extinguishers. Most people try to face on top of fire that is the wrong way. Always point extinguishers o the floor or the tip of the cause of the fire.

  • Bravery is a good thing but it is not necessary to show off it. So try to escape from the fire as soon as possible or just call someone’s help. Please don’t run behind emotions like saving others' life by putting yourself in danger.

So these are common mistakes we used to do in this destructive atmosphere. So always try to calm down and think with a relaxed mind. So you should avoid above mentioned mistakes to keep yourself and your belonging safe.

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