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6 Most Common Causes of Fire at a Workplace

6 Most Common Causes of Fire at a Workplace


Fire is one of the most dangerous accidents that may occur at a workplace. It doesn't just have the potential of destroying the space, but also the lives and the business for the next few months. With real estate and maintenance becoming expensive, crammed offices have become a common occurrence. Here are some common causes of fire in the workplace. 


It is quite common to clutter so many things in an office. From poorly ventilated rooms to an abundance of electrical devices at every desk, the chance of catching fire due to improper management is manifold. So employees are advised to properly clean the mess on their tables. Maintaining hygiene should be of utmost priority.

Faulty electrical equipment

It is legally applicable for any workplace to have safety norms that also include faulty electrical equipment. Due to the vast abundance of electrical devices, it is important for every office to have the Portable Appliance Test (PAT) that tests whether the appliances are working properly or not. Make sure your office must conduct these tests at regular intervals.

Chemical Fires

For various industries, it is common to catch chemical fires due to the wide usage of various chemicals. It can be highly dangerous and can even explore the entire building keep everyone's life at stake. So make sure your workplace follows all the safety guidelines regarding various chemicals.

Lack of knowledge

It is highly advisable to train all the staff members of the workplace about how one can save their own self whenever such incidents of fire happen. Proper usage of fire extinguishers and other safety measures should be told to them. No one knows when fire mishappening occurs, but one should be well equipped in advance.

Human Negligence

It is quite common to catch fire at a workplace due to human negligence. It's true that sometimes human errors like spilling flammable liquids, burning of food, and letting the laptop charger plugin even when not in use can also cause a fire. So you should be aware of all these circumstances. It is advisable to bring even the initial stage to someone's notice so that fatalities can be prevented.


The deliberate act of setting any place at fire is the most unfortunate thing a person can ever do. So it is advisable to have interior anti-fire sprinklers inside the places that have a higher risk of catching fire. Moreover, using close circuit television cameras and motion sensor lights will lead anyone to think twice before doing this heinous act.

So have patience and maintain calmness to deal with fire incidents at the workplace, panic won't help!

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