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How to Prevent EV Fires in Your Business’ Garage?

How to Prevent EV Fires in Your Business’ Garage
Fire protection for underground business garages is currently a big topic of discussion because of the increase in the number of fire accidents with electric vehicles. You would have seen a lot of pictures of cars burning on the internet recently. These reasons contribute towards the unpopularity of the brand doubt the safety of electric vehicles. The vehicle even if not electrical can catch fire. These defects are caused by mechanical damage and electrical faults. 

Why are Smoke Gases Harmful?

Every type of vehicle faces a similar type of vehicle fire. During the process of combustion, the plastic parts release toxic fumes and high temperatures. These days cars have a lot of plastic installed in them which increases the chances of a great fire than it was twenty years ago. In such cases, it gets difficult for the brigadier to extinguish the fire.

Monitor Room Install Extinguishing System

Here, plant fire protection plays a major role. All the major extinguishing services should come in handy when the fire breaks. This will save you both money and time both. Along with it, it will also protect your buildings, business, garage, and assets. Property and garage owners should consider automatic extinguishing systems. 

Why do Batteries Catch Fire?

It is important to understand the reason why lithium-ion batteries are susceptible to fire. You must have heard people saying that this smartphone, laptop, the tablet has a lithium-ion battery installed in it but the batteries used in the EV are different from them. EV batteries have the potential to save three times more energy than phones or laptops. Along with it, they also have to withstand the abuse of extreme temperature, dust, humidity, and vibrations.

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Now, if you want to increase the driving range of a vehicle needing high capacity. Flammable batteries are very vulnerable if the vehicles are being operated within confined spaces.

A Global Issue

Battery related fire is not an issue faced only in India but worldwide. With the rise in demand of the electric vehicle, the number of fire incidents has also risen considerably. The good news is that India’s AIS 156 standards provide protection from these fires. Also, it is up to the manufacturer to adhere to it. They can either side with AIS 048 or 156. 048 were recently updated to include the nail penetration test in full charge. Earlier full charging wasn’t made necessary.  Businesses who were already using 048 continue running their business as usual. 

Water as an Extinguishing Agent

Water is a nice choice when it comes to extinguishing fires and especially while extinguishing electric vehicle fires. Also, a huge of amount is required to cool it down which in turn prevents thermal runaway which occurs when fire inside gets 10 times more aggravated because of sparks and tends to get out of control. 

The fire brigade use a different and special equipment to cool down fires in such cases. In the electric cars, the batteries are located in the under body. The frames protect them from damage during the accident. So, sufficient water protects the cars and underground garages.


The owners shouldn’t park defective cars of bikes in garages and only original charging cables should be used. The fire risk associated with electric vehicles and combustion vehicles is usually the same. They already have a Fire Safety Equipment installed that pre detects the problem with the hardware and shuts them down.
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