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How to Save your Home from Fire Accidents

How to Save your Home from Fire Accidents

Your home is undoubtedly where your heart is, and you are sure to go to any cost to protect it and its residents, your loved ones, from any danger. Mishaps like fire breakouts can occur anytime and leave you with no time to react than you may imagine. Whether it is from a gas leakage or a careless activity of lit-up cigars, a fire at home can destroy everything in a matter of seconds.

Here are some points that must be followed to prevent your Home from fire and flames :

Install a Smoke Detector System in your Home

Smoke detectors come in extremely handy in case of a fire. Ideally, smoke detectors should be set up in every room of your house and test whether they are functioning correctly every month. The smoke detector uses the battery to give a beep. Sometimes, the smoke detector system doesn't give a beep as it runs out of battery, so it is advisable to check them once a month and change the batteries at least once in six months.

Install Fire Extinguisher in your Home

Some houses are equipped with fire sprinkler systems, but installing fire extinguishers at home is the next best thing to prevent fire tragedy. It is essential to keep fire safety equipment like a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and others near the areas like a fireplace for fire safety. Remember to put the fire extinguishers far away from the potential fire source so you can grab them safely without getting too close to the fireplace. Regularly review the fire extinguisher and ensure all house members know how to use the extinguisher properly.

Prevent overheating of Running Electrical Appliances

Electrical appliances like electrical rods, inverters, geysers, television, hair dryers, etc., can be overheated. If not turned off after use. Hence, keep in mind to turn them off after using these devices. If these appliances are heating up quickly for no apparent reason, immediately replace them.

Store Flammable Materials in the Proper Place

Keep flammable materials like kerosene oil, matchboxes, perfumes, pesticides, etc., in a safe and appropriate place in your house, possibly in cool areas where there is no direct sunlight. You should ensure that these storages are out of reach from small children and pets at your home.

Check Cable connections Regularly

The most destructive fires are caused due to short-circuits in the system or faulty wires. Excessive cluttering of wires or obsolete materials increases the chances of fire. Therefore, it's better to check your house wiring at regular intervals, and if there is any torn wire, immediately replace it with the new one that should be fire retardant. You can inspect cable connections by yourself or call an electrical engineer to check the wiring of your house.

Always Set up an Exit plan in your Building

An Exit plan must be made for proper exit from your house in case of fire. If you need to learn how to make an exit plan, You can take help from a fire safety officer. Once the exit plan is created, try it once and ensure that every member of the family must be familiar with that plan. Also, decide a familiar spot outside the building where all of you can gather after escaping the violent flames.

Practice Fire Habits

Fire can be caused by any reason, but one should be aware of how to handle it. Develop Fire Habits to prevent fire, and you should respond immediately if there is a fire breakout.

Deploy a Hypoxic Air-Fire Prevention System

Hypoxic air-fire prevention is one of the advanced fire-fighting techniques. It reduces the volume of air in that particular area. Hence an insufficient amount of oxygen causes less fire spread and suppresses it. This way, the damage taken will be much less than the other fire-fighting technique.


We all know the destructive power of flames and always be cautious while doing such actions involving the risk of a fire breakout. Above mentioned points are some significant contributors to a fire breakout. Keep this in mind while handling these things, and being cautious as a family member should be safe from any fire mishap.
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