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  • Public Addressable Systems

A public addressable system or a PA system is an electronic sound amplification and distribution system with a microphone, amplifiers and loudspeakers. These devices are used to help a person address a small or large public in the way of announcing any instructions or information. In general, they are also used for music as well as delivering a speech.

Did you know that these public address systems are used in fire detection and alarm systems? Yes, this system forms the central part of any fire detection and alarm system, which helps alert the occupants in the building if any fire accidents occur.

You can find quality Public Addressable Systems manufactured by Palladium safety solutions. The PSS-PAS model PA system is made sure that they meet industry standards. The PA systems made here are 32-Zone PA panels that are compatible with 2-wire.

The PSS-PAS is an 32-Zone PA panel. It is indicating equipment forms the central part of a fire detection and alarm system. The 2-wire is compatible with this devices. And it is the central part of conventional fire alarm system, designed for applications requiring smoke detector, bell, manual pull stations, and sprinkler supervision. Each zone can be disabled by a button. The basic unit offers 1 to 16 zones of initiation, up to 32 zones for larger applications.

This panel allows the user to monitoring Fire alarm system along with the provision to make live/ pre recorded announcements. In built speaker is used to produce voice alarms and also facilities instant two way communications with the talkback unit. This panel can control external speakers individually for making announcements, playing music etc.

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Expandable up to 2 to 50 zones

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16 x 2 line LCD

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Common fire & Fault annunciationwindows

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Analogue meters to measure AC supply,

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Battery current and DC operating voltage

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Model No.: PSS – PAS

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Capacity: 2 to 32 Zone

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I/P Supply: 230 V AC

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Standby Supply: 24 V Dc / 10 Amp

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Current Consumption: Customized

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End of Line: 34 k7

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Detection O/P: 24 VDC

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Hooter O/P: 100 V AC

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Housing: MS Sheet

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Color: Red

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Technical Data Sheet

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I always wonder how could they afford to sell such fail-proof high quality fire safety solutions at such a low price! Hats off!

— Ajay Tiwari (Superintending Engineer, QC Prasar Bharti)

Now, you need to learn about working. Since the PA system is the central part of a conventional fire alarm system, it is interconnected with the smoke detectors, bell, manual pull stations. When these fire detecting devices detect any kind of fire, it will set the alarm system on.

The in-built speaker produces the voice alarms and supports two-way communication with the talkback unit. The voice alarms here are the pre-recorded announcements that are set along with the PA system.

There are small and large PA systems present where the number of zones marks the difference. The basic unit(small PA systems) has 1 to 16 zones of initiation, while the large PA system comes with 32 zones.

The PA systems here have a capacity of 2 to 32 zones. And the best part is, it is expandable up to 50 zones. You will find the design very appealing, and also, it is designed keeping the industrial standards in mind.

You will notice a gooseneck mic attached and the system using which you can give manual alerts to people in the building. So apart from the automatic voice recording, you can take advantage of the mic. As already mentioned, this PA system is connected to 32 different zones, and using the zone-wise detector switch; you can manually switch off the buttons on the unaffected zones and reduce the commotion and avoid unnecessary panics.

It also has an inbuilt battery charger and a battery space, which means this PA system also supports a battery power system. You can also find mains, AC fails, the fuse is blown LED indications present in the PA system.

The input supply is 230 V AC, and the standby supply is 24 V Dc/ 10 Amp. We, at Palladium, manufacture customizable current consumption by the client’s needs.

The detection O/P is 24 VDC, and the hooter O/P is 100 V AC. As it is made of MS sheet housing, you can rely on the quality. The robust build tends to give long life. Lastly, this PA system also has a music player attachable facility which means it can be used in different applications other than the fire alarm systems.

Public addressable system (PA system) is an electronic system comprising microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers, and related equipment. It increases the apparent volume(loudness) of a human voice, musical instrument, or other acoustic sound source or recorded sound or music. PA systems are used in any public venue that requires that an announcer, performer, etc. be sufficiently audible at a distance or over a large area.

The PSS-PAS is an Public Addressable Panel. It is indicating equipment forms the central part of a fire detection and alarm system.