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I always wonder how could they afford to sell such fail-proof high quality fire safety solutions at such a low price! Hats off!

— Ajay Tiwari (Superintending Engineer, QC Prasar Bharti)

At Palladium Safety Solution, we offer a wide variety of fire extinguishers to ensure the safety of your home or business. Our selection includes products suitable for different types of fires, ensuring that you have the appropriate tools to handle any potential fire hazard.

Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers: Our Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers suit A, B, and C-class fires. This makes them ideal for offices, factories, and warehouses where multiple fires could occur. Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers are also used on fires caused by flammable gases, liquids, and electrical fires.

CO2 Fire Extinguishers: CO2 Fire Extinguishers are perfect for electrical fires and are safe to use on electrical equipment without causing damage. They are also effective in extinguishing Class B fires caused by flammable liquids. CO2 Fire Extinguishers are widely used in server rooms and computer labs.

Foam Fire Extinguishers: Foam Fire Extinguishers are suitable for Class A and B fires, which makes them perfect for use in homes, offices, shops, and restaurants. Foam Fire Extinguishers effectively extinguish fires caused by flammable liquids and solid combustibles like paper, wood, and textiles.

Water-Fire Extinguishers: Water Fire Extinguishers are ideal for use in Class A fires caused by solid combustibles such as paper, wood, and textiles. However, they should never be used on electrical fires or fires caused by flammable liquids.

At Palladium Safety Solution, we take pride in providing our customers with high-quality fire extinguishers that meet the latest industry standards. We believe that fire safety should be a top priority for everyone, and we are committed to providing reliable and effective fire extinguishers that can help prevent fires from causing significant damage.

We offer fast and efficient delivery, installation, and maintenance services to ensure your fire extinguishers are always ready. Don't wait until it's too late – make the smart choice and invest in our range of fire extinguishers today. Contact us to know more about our products and services, and let us help you choose the appropriate fire extinguisher for your specific needs.