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  • Palex Fire Blanket
  • Palex Fire Blanket

The Non texturized fiberglass fabric is a soft, smooth and flexible cloth manufactured from nontexturized fiberglass yarns. The fabric demonstrates a good property of tensile strength and thermal insulation. It is an ideal replacement for asbestos product used for thermal insulation and heat protection. It will not burn, rot, mildew or deteriorate and resist most acids. It has low Co-efficient of Thermal expansion and is suitable for temperature up to 550 Degree Celsius.

It is used in applications including heat shields, welding curtains, stress relieving, removable insulation covers, fire blankets, fire curtains, expansion joints and flue ducts. To meet special purpose or to increase some peculiarities, it can also be treated in various ways like PTFE coating, Al foil laminating, Graphite coating, Vermiculite coating and Heat treating.

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Technical Parameters

Weave Satin
Yarn (tex): Warp EC9 33X4
Yarn (tex): Weft EC9 33X4
Thread count: Warp 18.0±1.8 per cm
Thread count: Weft 14.0±1.4 per cm
Tensile strength: Warp 2200N/2.5cm
Tensile strength: Weft 1300N/2.5cm
Weight 420g±30gm
Width 1000mm-1500mm
Thickness 0.4mm±0.04mm
Roll length 100m±1m
Working temperature 550°C
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Technical Data Sheet

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I always wonder how could they afford to sell such fail-proof high quality fire safety solutions at such a low price! Hats off!

— Ajay Tiwari (Superintending Engineer, QC Prasar Bharti)