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  • Fire Hose Pipe/RRL Hose Pipe (Gun Metal)

A fire hose pipe or a firehose is a high-pressure hose that carries foam or water within it to extinguish the fire. It can be attached to a fire engine or a fire hydrant outdoors and indoors, and can be attached to a building's plumbing system permanently. Fire hoses are commonly used for crowd control like water cannons. The hose is essentially the most basic piece of fire fighting equipment.

How to use a fire hose?

Firstly, turn on the stop valve and then run out the hose as much is required.
Secondly, turn the water on at the nozzle and direct the steam to the firebase.
Thirdly, you must ensure to leave the egress path between you and the nearest egress route.

We, Palladium Safety Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Supplier of Fire Hose Pipe Type - B are the most popular, used by highly experienced Fire Fighters for decades due to the superb advantages. These type of hoses offer RRL Technology and ensures that the hoses are fabric reinforced rubber-lined (RRL Technology) which gives an additional textile reinforcement in the hoses which is very similar to a double jacketed hose.

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Model No.: PSS – RRLPGM

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Material: Rubber Reinforced Lined (RRL) Hoses

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Size: 63 mm * 15 mts (Standard)

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Length: As Per Client Requirement

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Coupling: Stainless Steel (LTB-2)

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Binding Wire: Copper or G.I Wire

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Specification: IS 636

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Hydraulic Pressure: Tested at 10.24 kg/cm2

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Bursting Pressure: 35.7 kg/cm2

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Technical Data Sheet

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I always wonder how could they afford to sell such fail-proof high quality fire safety solutions at such a low price! Hats off!

— Ajay Tiwari (Superintending Engineer, QC Prasar Bharti)

How to clean a fire hose?

1) Use low-pressure water.
2) Mix warm water and detergent to create a frothy mixture.
3) Make sure to wash the mixture from the hose. Nothing should be left to dry on the outside of the hose.
4) Store the hose after it has dried.


This type of fire hoses offers RRL technology. They ensure that the hose is fabric enforced rubber lined. This gives textile reinforcement in the hoses similar to a double jacked hose. It is preferred by the fire workers due to their excellent durability.


Most fire hose connections are made up of brass but can also be crafted from aluminium. In case of emergency, fire hoses needed to be inspected regularly along with cleaning and repairing. If they aren't cleaned and dried properly, the residual water can damage the hose material and corrode the nozzles. Timely maintenance is necessary.


Ensure safety by educating yourself and your staff about the proper use of fire hose. Gunmetal fire hose is being used widely but it requires a lot of maintenance.