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  • Flexible Drops For Sprinklers

Suppose you have been looking for flexible sprinkler drops at an affordable price with top-notch quality, in that case, your search ends here at Palladium Safety Solutions Pvt. Ltd. For, here we provide you both braided and non braided Flexible sprinkler drops at a cheap price but we have never compromise on the quality for the price offered.
Flexible sprinkler drops are fire fighting equipment that links both the fire protection piping and the sprinkler head together. They are mostly made up of stainless steel that has excellent corrosion resistance. Palladium offers sprinkler drops that have great flexibility that enhances the field-adaptability.
They are easy to install, and since they have a threaded fitting end, there are no chances for leakage. Overall, the ease of installation and versatility gives a cost-effective purchase.
These flexible sprinkler drops can be used both in wet and dry systems. It consists of a bracket that helps in holding the sprinkler head, and this bracket can help contractors to position the sprinkler head correctly so that they work efficiently.
We, Palladium Safety Solutions Pvt. Ltd. are engaged in offering our clients a superior quality range of Flexible Sprinkler Hose. We design the given product following industrial standards by making use of best quality material and modern technology.

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Product Length: 700mm 1000mm 1500mm

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Hose Type: Braided & Non-braided

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Maximum Working Pressure: 14kgf/cm2 (200 psi)

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Maximum Ambient Temperature: 107 C (225 F)

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Min. Installation Bending Radius: 75 mm (3”)

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Bending Angles (Flow Direction): Upto 180

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Largest K Factor for ½” Outlet: 5.6 [gpm/(psi)1/2]

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Largest K Factor for ¾” Outlet: 14.0 [gpm/(psi)1/2]

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Intended Use: Wet System and Dry System

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Technical Data Sheet

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I always wonder how could they afford to sell such fail-proof high quality fire safety solutions at such a low price! Hats off!

— Ajay Tiwari (Superintending Engineer, QC Prasar Bharti)

Flexible Drops for Sprinkler, is used in suspended ceiling for connecting fire sprinkler and pipeline. It comes with inlet nipple, corrugated hose connected to the sprinkler head, and ceiling bracket assembly that holds the sprinkler drop system to the ceiling grid. it is avalable with us with three different sizes 700mm, 1000mm & 1500mm length
Also, they must fit properly with the supply pipe diameter so that they deliver equal water pressure to all the sprinklers as designed. The bending angles of these flexible sprinkler drops are up to 180 degrees, and it is notable that it offers a minimum bending radius of 75mm. It can work well at a maximum ambient temperature of 107 C.
Talking about the length of these sprinkler drops, they are available in different lengths like 700mm, 1000mm, and 1500mm. When operated, the maximum working pressure at which they can perform is 14kgf/cm2. Other technical specifications include the largest K factor for ½” outlet is 5.6 [gpm/(psi)1/2] and the largest K factor for ¾” outlet is 14.0 [gpm/(psi)1/2].
The flexible sprinkler drops usually reduce the labor costs as they are fast and easy to install, thus save more labor cost and time. They are compatible and can be installed in various ceiling types.
These sturdy build flexible sprinkler drops can connect fire sprinklers and pipelines efficiently. You will get a package that consists of an inlet nipple, a ceiling bracket assembly that tightly holds the sprinkler drop system to the ceiling grid, a corrugated hose that is connected to the sprinkler head, all together at a low price. All of these are made of good quality materials and advanced technology that meets industrial standards. Grab them for the price offered!