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  • Sidewall Type Sprinkler

Sidewall type sprinklers at Palladium Safety Solutions Pvt. Ltd. are the best ones that you can get without breaking the bank. This company has been manufacturing fire sprinklers that guarantee excellent quality and a long lifespan.

Fire sprinklers are of different types like pendent, upright, sidewall type. And here you have come looking for a sidewall type sprinkler. As you can guess, this sprinkler pops out from the side of a wall while hanging down from the ceiling. Mostly, sidewall type sprinklers are preferred in places where there is limited access to the ceiling.

This sidewall type sprinkler is of two types: Vertical sidewall sprinkler and horizontal sidewall sprinkler. Palladium Safety Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offers both types made of the same materials and finishes and has got approval for both types. Though they both look similar, their purpose entirely differs.

Palladium Safety Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Suppliers Best Quality Range of Sidewall Sprinkler, which is made up of Superior Quality. It Comes in Different Sizes and Standards According to the Client’s Specifications and Requirements This Product is reckoned for its Excellent.

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Temperature: 57/68/79/93/141/182 & 260 Deg. C

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Response: Standard & Quick

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Pressure: 12 bars

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Features : Instant Water discharge

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Material: Carbon Steel

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Max. Service Pressure: 175 PSI

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Thread Size: NPT ½: or R ½”

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Glass Bulb Color: Orange/Red/Yellow/Green/Blue/Mauve/Black

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Technical Data Sheet

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I always wonder how could they afford to sell such fail-proof high quality fire safety solutions at such a low price! Hats off!

— Ajay Tiwari (Superintending Engineer, QC Prasar Bharti)

Horizontal Sprinklers

The horizontal sprinklers are designed to point parallel to the floor, which means these sprinklers rest flush against the wall. On the other hand, the vertical sprinkler heads point perpendicular to the floor. So these sprinklers protrude beneath the ceiling.

Vertical sidewall sprinklers

Vertical sidewall sprinklers are mainly designed to be used in prisons, hospitals and similar environments where self-harm or vandalism is likely to occur more. On the other hand, horizontal sprinklers are used in offices and dining rooms where aesthetic value is given high priority.
Despite looking the same, you can simply differentiate both the models based on the words specified on them. Vertical models have the word "Flow," and the horizontal model has the word "Top" specified on them.

These sidewall-type fire sprinklers are made up of carbon steel that is sturdy and offers a long lifespan. They come in different temperature ratings like 57/68/79/93/141/182 & 260 Deg. C that meets the design requirements.

How sprinklers work?

When any unexpected fire accident happens, the glass bottle that consists of heat-sensitive liquids like glycerin heats up and breaks, and these sprinklers give a standard & quick response by splashing out water at a rate of 175 PSI pressure and ceases the fire effectively.

The best part here is you can get customized sprinklers. The company offers glass bulb colors in seven different colors, which can match the environment style. Overall, these fire sidewall type sprinklers act as cost-effective alternatives to pendent and upright heads and serve their purpose in a more effective way.
It is crucial to choose the correct type of sidewall sprinklers; I hope the above explanation on the different types of sprinklers helps you choose the best type.

Sprinkler is an active fire protection equipment, which are connected with pipeline consisting of a water supply system, providing adequate pressure and flowrate. In case of fire Mercury based pipe break due to high temperature and it open flow of water from the pipeline.

Sidewall fire sprinklers, as the name suggests, protrude from the side of a wall, as opposed to hanging down from the ceiling. Sidewall fire sprinklers are ideal to use in situations where ceiling access is limited or where freezing is a potential concern.