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The foremost step in preventing a fire related accident is always staying prepared. A place that is well-equipped for preventing and managing a fire will always have the upper-hand in case a fire really does happen.

  1. Proper Handling of Machines and Equipment:The very first step in preventing fire is handling all equipment, machines and tools with caution. These should also be cleaned and checked frequently.

  2. Proper Safety Gear Should be Worn by Employees: Fire-safety gears are designed especially for protecting the wearer’s body from injury. These should also be handled with care and checked on a daily basis to ensure that these function well in case a fire happens.

  3. Supervisors Should be Made Aware of Risky Conditions: The supervisor is responsible for the safety and well-being of his/her employee. Thus, if there is a dangerous situation that threatens the safety of employees, the supervisor is obligated to take action. Therefore, he should always be kept informed.

  4. Prevent Falling and Slipping in the Workplace: The places that deal with liquids can have slippery floors and thus pose a high-risk of injury. In case of a fire this can hinder with the escape process, thus leading to loss of life. Thus spills should be cleaned immediately and damaged flooring should also be repaired.

  5. Proper Management of Inflammable Material: Combustible material should always be kept only as much as it is needed. Any extra inflammable material should be disposed of away from the workplace. Thus the workplace should be cleaned and checked regularly for any dust accumulation, inflammable waste, and any other potential fire hazard. Palex Heat detector detects the flame and warns us.

  6. Emergency Exit Should Never be Blocked: The emergency exit of the workplace should never be blocked. In case of a fire, an obstructed exit can lead to a delay in the escape, resulting in fatalities.

  7. Prevention of Falling of Objects: The workplace should be equipped with safety tools such as toe-boards, toe-rails, nets, etc. These ensure not just the safety of an object but also the employees handling them.

  8. Prevent Contamination of the Workplace: The workplace should never be contaminated with fire hazards. Regular cleaning and checking of the workplace ensure that no cross-contamination happens there and fire accidents are prevented. Zone 2 Fire Alarm System and zone 6 panel must be installed to prevent hazards.

  9. Posture While Handling Objects: The employees must be very particular about the posture of their bodies while handling objects at the workplace. The use of machines such as conveyor belts or forklift is recommended in order to prevent injuries due to wrong body posture.

So these were some of the tips to ensure safety at the workplace. Prevention is the best policy towards tacking fire and thus maintaining a safe environment at the workplace should always be a priority.
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