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What to do if a Fire Starts?

What to do if a Fire Starts
Fire accidents are on the rise in our nation and we can hear of people succumbing to it every day. Various preventive measures should be incorporated so that a person can be ready during such mishaps. Instructions to fire safety start right from the school. Fire safety lessons should be given to children in schools so that they know what to do and which actions to take.  

Steps to Help You Know Your Way Out in Case of an Emergency

Fire Drills

Fire drills should be installed at homes and schools as they make you ready for what to do in a fire. There should be an emergency exit plan and practice them beforehand. This is a way to examine how to act in case of a real emergency. Every family should rehearse this plan at least twice a year. Change the batteries of your smoke alarms during this time. Make sure that your family gets out safely using the fire exit route and meet at a decided place within a time frame of 3 minutes. You can add variations as per your likings.  Different houses will have different fire exit plans. Some are one-story houses while some are double or triple storied. 

Know Your Way Out

An escape family is highly important as it ensures the safety of every member of your family. “quick and safe” is the main aim. Everyone should remember the route to a fire alarm as the smoke can make the route less visible. You should know the number of exits and the way to them. People living in apartments or buildings should know the way to the staircase for emergency exits.

Safety Steps

You’ll have to take a few extra steps when you are in a room with a closed-door while the fire breaks out. 
  • Check if there’s fire on the other side and smoke coming through the door.
  • Don’t open the door if the smoke comes under the door.
  • Touch the doorknob. If it is hot then there’s fire on the other side. Don’t open it.
  • If there’s no smoke coming in and the doorknob isn’t hot, there’s no fire on the other side. Open the door carefully and try to escape.

Stay Low

If there’s smoke in the house, stay as low as possible so that you can see your way to the exit. Poisonous air does more harm than actual fire. You can also crawl in case of dense smoke. Try not to inhale it.

Know Your Exit Route

The main door exit should be your first choice to get out of the house. You should also be aware of the windows and balconies as other options to make your way out. In such scenarios, firefighters can be of great help. Learn how to remove the grills and screens of the windows in case of emergency. Keep a collapsible escape ladder in a safe place. Know where to meet your family outside. If your pet is nearby you, pick him up and get out immediately. Remember, you and your life come first and you’ll have to leave your pet behind if there’s no rescue option for him. Inform the fire rescue team about the pets and they’ll help.

What If Immediate Exit Isn’t Available?

Yell for help in such situations. Call 101 or yell from a window. Never hide under the bed or inside a closet. Be at places where firefighters can see you. 

What If Your Clothes Catch Fire?

Don’t run. Stay still and drop to the ground. Cover your face with your hands and roll. This will put out the flames. Stop, drop and roll.


Remember to keep in mind the above-mentioned steps. Keep an exit plan ready well in advance. Be aware of all the possible exit routes according to the worst situations. Install  Palladium Zone 6 Detection System and Palladium Zone 6 Fire Alarm System to get enough time to tackle the fire when it is in its initial stages.
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